850,000 BTU Towable Indirect-Fired Air Heater

Part #4780
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Rental Requirements

  • Fuel tank must be full on return
  • A day rental equals 8 hours usage on metered machines
The most versatile hydronic surface heater, the E 5000 thaws, cures, prevents frost, heats, and dries, all without the use of additional pump packs. The unique pump system provides maximum flow rate regardless of the application. The E5000 thaws or cures up to 10,000 sq. ft. With accessories, this machine will cure up to 30,000 sq. ft., heat up to 1,700,000 cu. ft. or provide 576,000 cu. ft. of dry heat with up to 64 hours of run time.The E 5000 is engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts for up to 64 hours of run time at 83% efficiency, the highest in the industry.With 5,000 ft. of hose and a hydraulic hose system, the E 5000 allows for single person set-up and placement, for greater flexibility on all applications.Powerful pump system provides all the flow and pressure to deliver maximum performance for thaw, cure and air heat applications.Digital temperature controller with push button adjustment allows operators to easily adjust Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) output temperature for all concrete curing applications.The E 5000 offers 3 fuel options; diesel, natural gas, or propane, for maximum job site convenience. Other options include a 12 KW liquid-cooled diesel generator.

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